When a girl says “I will think about it”, expect 2 things

When a guy asks a girl out and she says, “I’ll think about it,” there are several possibilities that can occur. I’m sure many of the guys reading this blog have gotten that response from someone’s daughter once or twice.

The question that many of us now ask is that what does it mean when a babe tells a dude this, what is the meaning of “I will think about it?””

One thing I’ve seen is that some guys get chills right away, assuming that the babe isn’t interested. Many cowards misinterpret that response as a no. The bold ones, on the other hand, interpret it as a signal or hope that they will be able to show themselves right and win the girl’s heart.

So, I did some research and now I need to figure out what this type of response actually means. The tone and body language are the first things to notice. This can differ from one person to another.

The majority of girls who directly respond YES are often described as loose, cheap, or Sures! And this is one of the reasons why so many of these babes play hard to get: it protects them from embarrassment to say, “I’ll think about it.” She might be on the same page as you and your crazy scheme, but she’s afraid to say it.

It’s also possible that she doesn’t want you to be hurt, down, or rejected. So, rather of saying NO outright, she utilizes a common term to politely friend-zone you.

If you’ve been friend-zoned by a prey, don’t worry; friends nowadays also split the cake. Keep going and don’t give up because if you stick around and keep your sights on the Sumbie, you could just crush it!

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