Side chicks are sweet but legalize your relationship with them before chewing them -Adonko Boss, Dr. Kwaku Oteng

There’s a blessing in keeping multiple wives than side chicks-Dr. Kwaku Oteng || Dr Kwaku Oteng, the Chief Executive Officer of Angel Group of Companies, made some comments in an interview with Vaults Magazine that have people in awe.

Keeping numerous wives rather than side chicks (concubines), according to the business magnate, brings greater blessings.

He believes that having spouses is preferable to having concubines because there is no scripture that prohibits polygamy, and it is also a benefit and provides peace of mind.

The Adonko chairman also stated that, as a result of his life experiences, it has become his conception to provide for children he fathers outside of marriage and to marry such women.

Kweku Oteng, on the other hand, questioned why men would keep hidden relationships in the name of following the Bible’s teachings.

He stressed that he is really proud of himself when he fathers a child with a lady and makes it public.

In an interview with Vaults Magazine, the famed Ghanaian millionaire said that a guy should marry more than one lady in order to be at peace.

Dr. Oteng backed up his claim by citing biblical examples of persons who married multiple wives and were blessed as a result of it, making them successful.

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