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List of Properties owned by Abesim Osama Bin Laden, 13 taxis,a storey building and more hits online

Following his remand by Kaneshie District Court, a friend of the convicted Abesim killer, Richard Appiah, has dropped a piece of important information about him.

In an interview, a buddy named Nyame Noah revealed that the 28-year-old Richard is wealthy, since he owns around 13 cabs and an elegant unfinished property.

Richard was building the mansion before his memorable arrest for murdering two youths, according to Nyame.

According to the acquaintance, he learned about these assets when he sought assistance from Richard Appiah because he was unemployed.

He went on to say that during his talk with the suspect, he boasted about owning 13 cabs and a half-finished construction project.

In an interview with Oman Channel, Nyame Noah revealed these details.


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