List of Estates Where the Middle Class Live in Nairobi

List of Estates Where the Middle Class Live in Nairobi || Nairobi, Kenya‘s capital, is home to more than a hundred estates. The social structure, income, and neighborhood, among other variables, distinguish each estate. Today, we’ll look at a few of the estates where the middle class lives. The Kenyan middle class is defined as someone who spends between $26,000 and $270,000 per month, according to the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics.

The list is far from complete, and any input will be greatly appreciated.

1. Ridgeways — The popular Runda estate is within walking distance, while Muthaiga is a five-minute drive away.

2. Loresho — This restaurant is located on the popular Waiyaki Highway.

3. Fedha Estate is a residential estate located on Jogoo Road.

4. Thindigua – Located on Kiambu Road, a one-bedroom house here costs between Ksh. 25,000 and 30,000 thousand.

5. Mirema Drive – This street is in the Kasarani constituency. The Thika road in Nairobi and the northern bypass run across it.

6. Thome Estate — Thome Estate, near Nairobi’s Safari Park Hotel, is a modern estate with Runda-style houses.

Garden Estate is another estate located along Thika Road, nine kilometers from the CBD. It may be accessed via the Roasters Inn Junction or Ridgeways Estate off Kiambu Road.

10. Membly Estate – This area is around 1.5 kilometers from the Thika Road and is close to Kenyatta University and Tatu City.


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