List Of Best Restaurants In Runda Kenya -Photos

This is a list of Runda’s best restaurants. The list focuses on well-known restaurants that serve the best cuisines and provide exceptional service, ensuring that you get good value for your money and have unforgettable experiences.

Here are some of Runda’s greatest eateries, listed in no particular order.

  1. The Lord Eroll Gourmet Restaurant
List Of Best Restaurants In Runda Kenya
The Lord Eroll Gourmet Restaurant

The Lord Eroll is a premier French and gourmet restaurant with a lovely selection of alfresco sitting options, each with a different green garden facade. It’s ideal for business lunches, breakfast meetings, relaxing evenings, and cocktails with family and friends.

Runda Estate is located at 89 Ruaka Road.

0721 920 820 is the phone number to call.

Reservations can be sent to

2. Hero’s Kitchen

 Hero's Kitchen
Hero’s Kitchen

At the crossroads of design, fantasy, pleasure, and individualism, the restaurant is a new sort of eatery. Despite the fact that it is not a Japanese restaurant, it has a sushi menu.

Location: Trademark Hotel Village Market, 9th Floor, Limuru Road

0732 186 666 is the number to call.

3. Elysian Resort

Elysian Resort 
Elysian Resort

Runda’s resort is set on five magnificent acres. It delivers modern meals with a reference to the past. Their menus incorporate classic dishes and are based on fresh market seasonal findings.

Kwaheri Road is the location.

0746 844 075 is the number to call.

Reservations can be sent to

4. Harvest Restaurant

Harvest Restaurant
Harvest Restaurant

The restaurant is a Trademark Hotel creation. It has an open grill brasserie that focuses on farm-fresh ingredients that are expertly combined to take you on a gourmet adventure. It also has a well picked range of wines from throughout the world.

Village Market is located on Limuru Road.

0730 886 000 is the phone number to call.

5. Ridgeviews Leisure Garden (Ridgeviews Leisure Garden)

Ridgeviews Leisure Garden
Ridgeviews Leisure Garden

Ridgeview’s provides a one-of-a-kind dining experience complete with a sophisticated ambiance, scrumptious menu, and first-class service designed to make your visit delightful and memorable.

0721 446 844, 0733 956 085 are the phone numbers to call.

6.’s email address is

6. Jiko Restaurant,

Jiko Restaurant
Jiko Restaurant

Jiko Restaurant is a seasonal restaurant with an open-flame grill and a menu that honors crisp flavors and fresh, organic ingredients. Through a whimsical approach to presentation, it honestly uplifts its inspirations while affording guests the delights of fantasy.

Karura Gigiri Rise, Tribe Hotel, and The Village Market are the locations.

+254 20 720 0000, +254 20 720 0000, +254 20 720 0000, +254 20 720 0000, +254 20 720

7. Mediterraneo (Mediterranean)


Runda is within walking distance of the restaurant. It offers Italian cuisine and a carefully curated wine list. The dishes are produced with the utmost regard for traditional Italian cooking, as well as for the ingredients used, and with an ongoing desire to innovate.

0705 269 841 and 0789 269 841 are the phone numbers to call.

Please contact us at



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