Here are 5 classic excuses men give for cheating

Here are 5 classic excuses men give for cheating.

A boyfriend or husband who has been caught pants down with another woman will always have an excuse, and there are some classic excuses that Nigerian men have used over the years and continue to use today.

These are the most common explanations used by Nigerian men for cheating, in no particular order:
1. It was the devil’s fault.

Ah, the timeless classic. All you have to do is blame it on the devil.

But, hey, mister, just hold it there. It wasn’t a devil at all; it was just you. You planned it, carried it out, and enjoyed it all by yourself.

2. I’m not sure what happened to me.

I’ll tell you what happened to you for free. That’s what it comes down to: selfishness and indifference.
3. I did not mean to hurt you

You wouldn’t have planned and performed it the first time, the second time, the third time, and so on, with more than one female if you didn’t.

Sit down, bruh; you’ve always intended to hurt her.

4. It was a one-time occurrence.

You don’t expect anyone to admit to being a serial cheater, of course.

5. You’re the real one

Another popular line that men like to use is about how other girls are merely there to pass the time and that you are the only one who matters…

It’s probably just another one of the many falsehoods and excuses you’ve heard before, but you’ll probably fall for it again.

You’ve always done it this way.

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