Ella Mensah explains why she changed her mind about sending bad photos.

Ella Mensah, a Ghanaian actress, is a woman who isn’t afraid to speak her thoughts. Given her reputation for being adventurous and sensual, many would assume she would have no qualms about sending bad girl photos to her partner.

Ella Mensah, however, revealed in an interview with Sunday Scoop that she had altered her stance about sending badgirl images to one’s partner to spice up the relationship.

“My stance on sending badgirl images to one’s lover has changed,” she explained. When I was younger, I thought it was acceptable to do so in a relationship since it would spice things up. But now that I’m older, I believe it’s incorrect. Nothing seems to last these days. Most guys are now petty as well. To retaliate for their ex-wives’ departure, some men go so far as to publish nudes of their ex-wives on social media. As a result, I will warn ladies against sending nude photos to their partners.”

The actress, who hasn’t participated in a new film in a while, said she hasn’t given up acting. “No, I haven’t stopped acting,” she stated. I recently took a break from performing to pursue a new job in New York, New York.”

Mensah also expressed her gratitude for how far she has progressed in both her professional and personal lives. “I celebrated my birthday two weeks ago and I’m grateful for everything,” she continued. Many wonderful things are happening in my life, and I am grateful for each and every one of them. My son is doing well, and my wonderful family is doing even better. It’s been a year of blessings after blessings for me. I am really grateful for everything I have.”

“I prefer a private wedding,” the busty actress replied when asked if she would choose a public or private wedding. Those who know me know that I am a very private person. On social media, I don’t share anything personal about myself, my family, my relationship status, or my partner. I believe in personal space. That is the aspect of my life that allows me to remain sane. My professional life is already public, therefore I keep my personal life private. As a result, I would like a quiet wedding.”

The Playboy star also stated that she would not urge any of her followers to get her name tattooed on their bodies. “I would love it if any of my followers decided to tattoo my name on their bodies, but I will not advise anyone to do so,” she stated. Tattoos are irreversible. I have a few, so I’m familiar with them. Before getting one, one should think about it carefully.”



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