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Don’t Run Away Guys !! “I have all I want in life, but I’m lonely; I need a husband.” – Medical Doctor searching for man. Contact + Photos

Dr Bisola Adesanya is a lovely Medical Doctor who feels empty and lonely in her life because she does not have a man to call her own.

She claims to have accomplished every major objective she set for herself, but she still feels unfinished and ill.

She believes that until she meets a man she can name her husband, all of her accomplishments as a certified Medical Doctor are meaningless to her.

Dr Bisola shared a wonderful photo on social media, not just crying about how loneliness is killing her, but also saying she is willing to give men a chance.


Dr Bisola Adesanya
Dr Bisola Adesanya



Dr Bisola Adesanya



Dr Bisola Adesanya






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