Closure of Silverbird Cinemas cost us $2 million

The Covid-19 pandemic has struck devastation on the global artistic industry.

Many events and performances were canceled, and the bulk of theaters and cinemas were shut down.

However, what was before closed is slowly and cautiously opening up.

The situation is different in Ghana. Cinemas are still closed, but a variety of social meeting places have opened.

The National Film Authority’s Action Group petitioned the Tourism Ministry to open them on August 6, 2020, and they claim they have met with the ministry several times, but the cinema doors remain locked.

President Akufo-Addo told industry players that the doors to the theaters will open shortly at the official opening of The Presidential Film Pitch Series on April 28 this year.

“I’d want to state unequivocally that the establishment of cinemas is under regular scrutiny by the COVID-19 task force. And maybe you’ll hear from the task force soon,” he said to the audience.

The film industry is angry that the mandate to halt theatres as part of steps to combat Covid-19 distribution has not been revoked after more than a month.

Silverbird Cinemas Ghana is one of the institutions that has suffered the most as a result of its shutdown for almost 15 months, with over 300 employees put off.

According to Nana Yaw, the company’s business manager, they have lost millions as a result of the issue.

“We’re hovering from around $2 million lines on an annual basis; this is how much Accra Mall generates annually, and this is how much we’ve lost,” he said.

When Joy Entertainment’s Mapitso Sebidi questioned about the theatres’ preparation, he replied they’ve been ready since their first meeting with the government in 2020.

Operational guidelines for theaters and movie theaters have been established.

Ghana’s cinema culture has been gradually growing, but as cinemas disappear, the Ghanaian film industry may suffer.

Only one question remains for Ghanaian filmmakers and moviegoers: when will the cinemas reopen?

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