Best And Cheapest Estates To Live In Accra With Affordable Rent

Best And Cheapest Estates To Live In Accra With Affordable Rent || Accra has over 20 estates, most of which are designed for middle-class families. The finest Accra estates to live in are those that have abundant water, convenient access to roads, are safe, and are reasonably priced.

In terms of security, water supply, and comfort, the most expensive estates are the best. However, managing the rent is difficult because most of the units in these estates cost at least GHS 120,000 per month.

Below are some Best And Cheapest Estates To Live In Accra , Tema,Kumasi etc With Affordable Rent

  • The Greens Estate
  • Prices and Location

    Units Location Price (GHS)
    The Neem Tema Community 25
    The Oak Tema Community 25
    The Pine Tema Community 25
    The Oak Plus Tema Community 25


  • The Sohenko Courts
  • This estate is made up of a lot of townhomes. The Sohenko Estates are made up of these properties. You can reach out to them to schedule a tour of these exquisite estates.

    Prices and Location

    Unit Location Price ($)
    5 Bedroom Mansion North Legon
    4 Bedroom Townhouse North Legon
    4 Bedroom House North Legon
    3 bedroom Semi-detached Adenta
    3 bedroom TownHouse North Legon
    2 Bedroom TownHouse North Legon
    2 Bedroom TownHouse North Legon

    Paradise Estate

    The East Legon Hills are home to the Paradise Estates, a luxurious estate. This estate in Ghana has been meticulously planned to meet the aesthetic and practical needs of its residents. Coming home to Paradise Estates in East Legon will be a relaxing experience. There are a lot of properties for sale in East Legon, Ghana, but Paradise Estates is one of the nicest.

    Prices and Location

    Unit Location Price (GHS)
    3 Bedroom Luxury Home East Legon Hills
    4 Bedroom Luxury Home East Legon Hills

    23 Odum Estates

    Odum Estates is a family-owned and operated business.

    If you ever find yourself in Accra and wish to stay in a luxury and well-constructed estate, the 23 Odum is an excellent choice. 23 Odum has everything you need to make your stay as pleasant as possible. The following amenities are available to you:

    – 24hr Backup Power

    – Excellent Roads

    – 24hr Security

    – Swimming Pool

    – Kids Play Area

    – Integrated Solar Power (optional)

    – Fibre Broadband Connectivity

    – Electric charging Station (optional).

    Prices and Location

    Units Location Price ($)
    4 Bedroom Townhouse Dzorwulu

    Adom City Estate

    The Adom City Estates are located in the Eastern area, near the Greater Accra region’s boundary. This real estate business has created a variety of estates in Ghana, some of which are still under development, such as the Adom City Estate Community 25 project in Tema. Over the last few years, Tema has seen various changes, one of which is the real estate sector.

    The Adom Hills, Adom Court, and the Community 25 project are the three estates that make up Adom City Estates. They have shown to be one of Ghana’s greatest real estate enterprises, winning numerous honors. This is primarily due to the affordability of their properties. In Ghana, real estate affordability is still a relative term, but Adom Real Estate is doing a fantastic job in the middle and lower classes.

    Prices and Location

    Units Location Price (GHS)
    2 Bedroom Tema 200,000
    2 Bedroom Kasoa 170,000
    3 Bedroom Tema 270,000
    3 Bedroom Kasoa 230,000
    4 Bedroom Tema 400,000
    4 Bedroom Kasoa 350,000

    The Adom Courts at Kuntunse, Adom Hills at Apra and the last in Tema, Community 25 are some of the best estates in Accra. If you are interested in living on the periphery of the city then these estates would be ideal for you. Adom Estates have very competitive prices for 3 bedroom houses and more in Ghana.

Best And Cheapest Estates To Live In Accra With Affordable Rent

  • Lakeside Estate

    The Lakeside Estate in Ghana is a stunning and well-organized estate. The Lakeside Estate is located near Ashale-Botwe, Accra. This estate is great for families because it includes all of the necessary amenities, such as a recreation park, a hospital, and more. There is now property for sale at Lakeside Estate at reasonable prices, so be sure to check the table below for the most up-to-date prices. There are a few lakeside estate houses for rent as well, which you might wish to consider.

    Many individuals look for land for sale at Lakeside Estates because it is one of Accra’s best estates. A two-bedroom property in Lakeside can be had for a very reasonable price. Townhomes and flats in Lakeside Estate are a valuable asset to have.

    Prices and Location

    Unit Location Price ($)
    2 Bedroom Semi-Detached (Shell) Adenta Municipality 57,000
    2 Bedroom Detached (Sea Shell) Adenta Municipality 99,750
    3 Bedroom Detached (StarFish) Adenta Municipality 125,000
    3 Bedroom With BQ (Super Starfish) Adenta Municipality 155,000
    4 Bedroom Executive With An Outhouse (Dolphin) Adenta Municipality 210,000

    Regimanuel Grey Estate

    The Regimanuel Grey Estate company has contributed greatly to real estate in Ghana. They have truly aided in the major housing deficit that Ghana is struggling with. Some of the estates that Regimanuel Grey have built include the following:

    • East Airport development which includes the Regimanuel Estates Golden Gate, Silver Bells, Platinum Place and Diamond Hills.
    • Meridian Garden at Klagon
    • Eagles Palace at Sakumono
    • Katamanso is close to Ashiyie which includes the Regimanuel Adom Gate Estates.
    • Balloon Gate at Kwabenya

    Regimanuel Grey Estates are well planned communities of over 600 executive single and two-storey houses and 240 luxury apartments set in a serenely landscaped environment including a beautiful community centre, pool and tennis courts. With close to 1000 buildings, Regimanuel grey is one of the most sought after estates in Ghana.

    Below are the Regimanuel Estate prices for consideration. As one of the major real estate companies in Ghana, you can be assured of quality service.

    Prices and Location

    Unit Location Price ($)
    Detached 2 Storey Sakumono 650,000
    Semi-Detached 2 Storey Sakumono 595,000
    3 Bedroom Apartments Klagon 270.000
    RG-3 Katamanso 234,000
    2 Bedroom Apartments Klagon 190,000
    RG-7 Katamanso 150,475
    2 Bedroom Apartments Kwabenya 125,000
    RG-1 Katamanso 83,400

    Kuottam EstatesKuottam estates is a nice estate with locations in key areas within Accra like Oyarifa, Dome and Abokobi. The Palm Valley estates in Abokobi, also known as the pond of birds, is a real wonder to behold. Adding their share of brilliance to real estate in Ghana.

    Prices and Location

    Unit Location Price ($)
    The Pond of Birds Oyarifa 54,000
    Kuottam Court Dome 85,200
    Palm Valley Abokobi 75,000

    Appolonia City Estates

    A well-planned estate, the Appolonia city location is strategically situated at Oyibi on the Dodowa road. Appolonia is one of the largest and most ambitious estate projects in Ghana. The scale of the Appolonia project is about the size of Tema. Appolonia is developed for anyone who wants to live in a well structured and comfortable community. To live in Appolonia, you will need to know the Appolonia city prices which have been outlined below. If you are looking to buy land, then you can check their website for Appolonia land prices. You will also get information on Appolonia city serviced plots as well.

    Prices and Location

    Unit Location Price (GHc)
    The Walton (2 & 3 Bedroom) Oyibi 478,500 & 539,500
    The Eaton Oyibi 610,500
    The Barton Oyibi 962,500

    Chain Homes Estates

    If you are in search of Ghana luxury homes for sale, then  Chain Home Estates should be one of the top picks on your list. The Chain Homes have everything you would ever require in a gated community. Chain Homes have exquisite houses for sale in Accra, Ghana. The houses are modern  unlike some of the old houses for sale in Accra. The Chain Home mansions are beautiful and new houses in Ghana within a safe and easily accessible neighbourhood that is close to the airport. These homes constitute a few of the valuable houses for sale at airport valley.

    The homes are large and they have up to 12 different building variations which justify their price and makes Chain Homes one of the most expensive houses in Ghana. This puts Chain Homes among the most diverse real estate in Ghana. The finishings on all the homes are top-notch and fit for royalty.

    Prices and Location

    Unit Location Price ($)
    The Harriott Airport Valley Price is available on request.
    The Grovesnor Airport Valley
    The Belleview Airport Valley
    The Mooring Airport Valley
    The Grove Airport Valley
    The Cayman Airport Valley
    The Hammock Airport Valley
    The Majestic Airport Valley
    The Meadow Airport Valley
    The Masson Airport Valley
    The Signature Airport Valley
    The Osagyefo Airport Valley

    Emefs Hill, Royal & Lagoon View Estates

    Emefs Construction is one of the top 30 real estate companies in Ghana so it’s no surprise that their homes are all well built and priced. You will enjoy the various estates that Emefs Construction have to offer.

    Prices and Location

    Unit Location Price ($)
    Humphrey Gbetsile, Tema-Afienya 65,000
    Humphrey Deluxe Gbetsile, Tema-Afienya 85,000
    Humphrey Executive Gbetsile, Tema-Afienya 95,000
    Pallazzo Gbetsile, Tema-Afienya 133,984
    Sterling Gbetsile, Tema-Afienya 136,000
    Pallazzo Executive Gbetsile, Tema-Afienya 159,000
    Sterling Executive Gbetsile, Tema-Afienya 168,000
    Xaviera Gbetsile, Tema-Afienya 175,000
    Haven Gbetsile, Tema-Afienya 272,000
    Villina Gbetsile, Tema-Afienya 230,000
    Haven Executive Gbetsile, Tema-Afienya 282,000
    Villina Executive Gbetsile, Tema-Afienya 300,000

    Trasacco Valley Estates

    Trasacco is undoubtedly one of the best real estate companies in Ghana with a credible reputation. Many people like to take pictures at Trasacco Valley due to the exquisite finishings. Some of the Trasacco developments include the following: Trasacco Springs, Cantonments Development.

    Find the best Trasacco estate houses for sale on the Meqasa website. There are many Trasacco homes for sale in Ghana right now that you can view and purchase. You can get the prices of houses in Trasacco Accra, Ghana in the table below. The Trassaco Ghana house prices are estimated based on the data from the Meqasa website.

    Prices and Location

    Units Location Price (GHc)*
    2 Bedroom Arjinganor, East Legon 250,000 – 1.6M
    3 Bedroom Arjinganor, East Legon 650,000 – 3.5M
    4 Bedroom Arjinganor, East Legon 1M – 7M
    5 Bedroom Arjinganor, East Legon 2.7M – 13.5M

    *These prices are approximations based on data taken from the Meqasa website.

    Buildaf Estates

    If you are looking for lavish estate houses to buy in Ghana then you should visit Buildaf Estates. The estate houses are well built and well fitted. You can enjoy the best of living in a well planned house and community.

    Prices and Location

    Unit Location Price (GHc)*
    Petit Château Dome 800,000
    Parc Ville Achimota 1.2M
    Kwaning Château II East Legon 5M


    Prabon Estates

    One of the first ever gated communities to be built in Kumasi is the Prabon-Greenfields Estates. What makes this special is that the estate is supported by the Otumfuo. Many call it the Otumfuo Estates, thereby, lending it the prestige and class that goes with living here. If you are in search of luxury estate houses in Kumasi then the Otumfuo estates as it is popularly called should be top among your considerations. Prices for the villas within the estate can be seen below. Many search for Ghana houses for sale in Kumasi but the Prabon Estates stand out in the Garden City of Kumasi.

    Prices and Location

    Unit Location Price ($)
    Palm Prabon, Kumasi Estimated between 100,000 – 600,000
    Pine Prabon, Kumasi
    Cedar Prabon, Kumasi
    Oak Prabon, Kumasi

    Mayfair Estates

    The Mayfair estate is a very serene and stylish estate in Ghana. Mayfair stems from the UK but the Mayfair Estate, Ghana is designed to suit the Ghanaian ecosystem. MayFair Estates is another prime addition to the list of gated communities in Accra.

    Prices and Location

    Unit Location Price (GHc)
    Mayfair Court Arjinganor Available upon request
    Mayfair Enclave Oyibi
    Mayfair Gardens Airport Hills

    Rehoboth Properties

    Rehoboth Properties has truly set the bar when it comes to estate houses in Ghana. They have the Rehoboth Gardens located in Malejor, Oyibi, Rehoboth Hills City, Grace Courts, The Palm, Rehoboth Knight and the Rehoboth Vale estates in Ghana. The prices of their estate houses are also very affordable.

    Prices and Location

    Unit Location Price ($)
    The Hatch Malejor 150,000
    The Oak Malejor 175,000
    The Granary Malejor 260,000
    The PrimRose Malejor 135,000
    1 Bedroom Kwabenya 22,500
    2 Bedrooms Kwabenya 32,500
    3 Bedrooms Kwabenya 44,500


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