7 Weird Things That Are Very Normal In A Relationship.

Weird Things That Are Very Normal In A Relationship || When two people are in a relationship, they have a tendency to pick up some strange tendencies about their partners unintentionally. You may find yourself doing these amusing habits depending on how well you get along with your partner and how much time you spend together.

Getting a handle on his dress code.

He doesn’t have to tell you that he’s a denim aficionado and an outspoken anti-authoritarian. After two to three years of being in a committed relationship, you will have a good understanding of his clothing preferences and sizes.


Bringing her wish to fruition.

She craved for an iPhone at the beginning of the year.

Three months later, you get her an iPad as a birthday present; something she suggested at random, but you remembered it and kept it in your mind, waiting for it to come true. By the time she receives the gift, she will have forgotten that she ever wished this anyway.

TBT dependency.

She is always updating her Whatsapp with images of you as a child. She adores them and can’t seem to get enough of them. Not that she wasn’t a beautiful angel back then, but she prefers your images.

Knowing his complete chronological order.

You don’t want to let him down when it’s your moment to surprise him.

You’ve never forgotten about his obsession with fish and fries.

So you order exactly what he likes. When he comes over to your room, you will undoubtedly know how to treat him.

Regarding your Aunt Flo, he was really precise.


He isn’t required to affirm this.


He can sense your emotions through your body language, and he knows it’s that time of the month.


When you’re waiting for signs and symptoms, it’s funny how he knows the exact day.


Grooming in public.

In public, those stray eyelashes and stray pieces of lint on your clothes or face will not be overlooked. He’ll come to a halt and wipe the tears from your face just to make sure you’re still looking fine. Isn’t that lovely?


He dials your parents’ number.

This is a rare occurrence, but it does occur. He will not hesitate to call your parents to reassure them that you are all safe and not misbehaving, as well as to check on them. It’s strange, but it’s perfectly natural and healthy.

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