5 Common Misconceptions About Ghanaian Campus Ladies That Are Totally Wrong

Common Misconceptions About Ghanaian Campus Ladies That Are Totally Wrong || You should never generalize every other lady based on the conduct of others just because you have never gone to campus to see the life there or because you were the type to misbehave. It’s impolite and inexcusable. Here are a few common misconceptions about college ladies that are completely incorrect:

1. Gold digging bums.
Men need to realize that not all women are pursuing their money.
There are ladies who have it all, including far more money than the average man can afford.
There are some women on campus who are quite self-sufficient and do not rely on men to solve their financial problems.

2. HIV positive.
Not everything that glitters is gold, as the cliche goes. The fact that the majority of college lasses dress up in tight skirts and crop tops every Friday and hop from party to party does not mean they have the mdudu. It’s strange enough that some village mamas who are new to town will openly condemn someone based on their clothing code. Oh, be careful what you say.

3. S3x addicts.
That’s ridiculous. When it comes to s3x, everyone is a fan. This game is not for everyone. Just because you smacked three of your best friends in a row doesn’t mean every other girl is a scumbag. Just because your next-door neighbor swaps men for clothes doesn’t mean every other lady on campus does the same.

4.They are wannabes.

When you enroll on campus, you will have the opportunity to learn a great deal.

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It’s the one location where you can truly identify with yourself and learn a lot. Because fashion is so important, many women on campus like dressing up and applying make-up. It’s the rage on campus. All you have to do now is put up with it. When women dress properly, they feel more confident. Instead of screaming and raving about something you don’t understand, try to comprehend them.

5. They are reckless.
Nobody gives a damn about what you do on campus.
It’s your life, whether you’re a football fanatic, a drug addict, or a wanderer, the list goes on and on.
As a result, no one should interfere with your life at any cost. Some women on college are extremely guarded with their personal lives. They plan for the future and are concerned about it.


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